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Easy Jack

Phone Jack at Any Electrical Outlet


Easy Jack turns any electrical outlet into a phone connection for satellite receivers, digital video recorders, postage-meter machines, dial-up modems, telephones, cordless phone bases and more. 

For satellite TV customers - use Easy Jack to get Caller ID on your TV screen and order movies by pressing a button on your remote.   
Download postage, instead of making a call.
Add a telephone in a room without an existing phone outlet.
• Plug-and-Play installation
• Telephone signal easily passes through circuit breaker
• 16-bit access security
• Contains 2 Adapters, one 6’ Phone Cord, and Installation Manual
• Approved by Dish Network, DIRECTV and TiVo
• Turns any electrical outlet into a phone outlet
• Passes Caller ID signal to your television screen if you have satellite service
• Base Adapter powers up to eight Extension Adapters

Product Specifications
• Audio Bandwidth: 200-3800 Hz
• FM Carrier Frequency: 4.4 MHz – 7.6 MHz
• Interface: RJ11
• Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50 degrees C
• Storage Temperature: -20 ~ -80 degrees C
• Humidity: Max. 5%-90% (non-condensing)
  Downloading Video
  LED Behavior
Base Adapter LED
• Solid Green – Connected to powerline and connected to phone line
• Blinking Green (slow) – System in use
• Blinking Green (fast) – Incoming call ring
• Solid Red – Phone line not connected or phone line in use
• Blinking Red – Programming mode with new security code selected
• Blinking Orange – Security code programming mode for linking Extension Adapters
Extension Adapter LED
• Solid Green – Connected to powerline and linked to Base Adapter
• Blinking Green (slow) – System in use
• Blinking Green (fast) – Incoming call ring
• Solid Red – Not linked to Base Adapter

Hardware Setup

Easy Jack 2 Quick Start
Streaming Videos SolutionsLearn how easy it is to
install the Easy Jack 2
system with this quick
start video!


• Plug the Base Adapter directly into an electrical outlet near an existing wall phone jack. Light will turn green; soon thereafter, the light will turn solid red, until you connect it to a working phone line.
• Connect the included six-foot phone cord to the connector labeled ‘LINE’ on the Base Adapter, then connect the other end of the phone cord to the existing wall phone jack. The light on the Base Adapter will turn solid green.
• Plug the Extension Adapter into any electrical outlet where you require a phone connection. The light on the Adapter will flash red, then turn solid green.
• Connect the extension unit to the desired device using a phone cord.
• Test the device for a dial tone using a handset telephone.