Easy Hang Up

Stop unwanted phone calls


The one button way to say good bye to annoying phone calls. The Easy Hang Up is a telephone accessory that permits the user to hang up on unwanted telephone calls with the press of a button.

Contact our sales department to discuss custom messages.


•  By simply pressing the activation button and hanging up the receiver (telephone), the device gives a short, polite, pre-recorded message.  Upon completion of the message, the device will disconnect the line.
• Companies may customize any message --- the current micro-processor being used allows for a 20 second message.
• Easy Hang Ups in stock come with a pre-recorded message for unwanted debt collector calls. The pre-recorded message is:

  “Hello, you are hereby notified that we request all collection calls from your agency, firm and/or institution to my home, cell phone, and work cease immediately. You should remove all of my telephone numbers from your system. I demand that you communicate with me in writing to the address you have on file.”