How do I play music in every room?

It’s possible — and pretty easy — to play music in every room. And it won’t take a serious home improvement project to accomplish. Wireless multi-room music systems take advantage of your home network to play music from your computer as well as sources on the Internet. There’s a variety of wireless music players so you can find one to fit any room of your house. Access a wealth of music on your home theater system or use a small, stylish player that fits on a bedroom table.

Controlling these systems won’t have you running back to the computer, either. Many of them feature remotes or built-in controls with color screens that let you switch between your digital music collection and other sources like Pandora or Rhapsody. You can switch songs, adjust volume and even create playlists on the fly.

You’ll need:

  • A high-speed Internet connection
  • A home network – We recommend using the ReadyNet Wireless N Router 
  • Wireless music speakers. Depending on your setup, you’ll get speakers that connect to your current audio system, or others that feature built-in speakers.