About Us


ReadyNet has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing technologies that transmit telephone, data, audio, and video for over 20 years. Its unique set of technologies are highly proprietary and provide the compelling solution of connecting technology without adding new wires.

ReadyNet has sold over 15 million units, making it a leader in home networking solutions. It has also received several awards for design innovation in technology.

ReadyNet is proud of being the first company to introduce voice and data technology over the power lines to the US market. ReadyNet was also first in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, and Australia with such technology.

ReadyNet products address the entire spectrum of application needs within the residential environment - telephony, high-speed data, audio, video, set-top-boxes, DSL, cable modems, gaming consoles. Any technology can be networked without the burden of new wiring and costly installation delays. We invite you to browse though our product selections to find solutions suited best for your needs.