E200 Troubleshooting Guide

If your HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapters have difficulty communicating with each other, check the following:

  • Try power cycling the unit by unplugging it from the wall for 10 seconds and plugging it in again.

  • Use a pin and hold the Reset button down for 2 seconds on each unit you are trying to connect. The HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapter’s light will flash, the units will reset and attempt to link using default factory settings.

  • Try plugging the HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapter into an adjacent plug.

  • HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapters work better when plugged directly into the wall outlet. Connecting these Ethernet Bridges to a power strip or surge protector may degrade network performance or completely stop network signals.

  • This HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapter should not be used on GFI protected outlets as some outlets will filter out HomePlug Powerline signal.

  • This HomePlug AV Ethernet Adaptershould not be used in areas with excessive heat.

  • Certain florescent or incandescent lights are noise sources on the electrical and can degrade performance.

  • If your building has more than one circuit breaker box, your HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapters may not be able to connect between the different circuit breaker boxes. In this case, connect one HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapter to a power outlet located on each of the circuit boxes. Connect Ethernet cable between each of the HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapters to link the different circuits together. This will allow the HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapters from different circuit breaker boxes to connect.