How Do I Extend Broadband Throughout My Home?
Do you need broadband in more than one location?  Do you have multiple computers, gaming systems and TV? Using ReadyNet solutions, you can enjoy high speed, HD capable broadband anywhere in your home. ReadyNet wireless routers and adapters, and Powerline Adapters make it simple.

You will Need:

Connect Your Home Office

In the modern home office, connect computers and share printers easily with ReadyNet solutions. With ReadyNet HD Network Adapters, wireless routers, and wireless adapters your whole home office can be connected to your broadband signal. For dial-up applications, ReadyNet offers the Easy Jack for connecting a dial-up modem, telephone extension, postage machine or other POTS-compatible device.

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Stream HD Video Anywhere In Your Home
HD Video, Anywhere In Your Home – Enjoy HD video streaming anywhere in your home, regardless of where your access point is. Using ReadyNet HD Network Adapters, you can get high speed, reliable video streaming wherever you desire.

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