WRT300N-RN Downloads and User Guide

WRT300N-RN Firmware File
Minor fixes and improved routines for applying WAN configuration changes so reboot is no longer required.
Updated forms to change password for logged in user, rather than statically `root' or `admin'.
DOWNLOAD 1.1.4 3/20/2013 Minor fixes. e81d715ff4b4fe9d7a50265c50359d6e
DOWNLOAD 1.2.0 3/29/2013 Minor fixes and NET LED now blinks during firmware upgrade. edbe5219e725507370dec05dac6007e2
DOWNLOAD 1.2.2 6/08/2013 Added IPv6 functionality and bug fixes. 65f9e0b956e21a8ef7d86337a449f7e9
DOWNLOAD 1.2.3 11/04/2013 Remote management and UPnP additions 59fe76f4a5573f2fcb96c8358f98bb03
DOWNLOAD 1.2.4 1/030/2014 Fix of bug that caused the internal web server to crash in certain situations 31a436e24f688cd8a756caeb710c98ba


1) Press the "Firmware Update" link to download to your PC the latest available firmware for your router.
2) Disconnect your PC from the internet.
3) Connect your PC to the LAN port of the router and log into the web interface.
4) Navigate to Management -> 'Upgrade' and click 'Browse' in the 'Select file' field.
5) Navigate to the firmware file you downloaded in step 1 above and select it.
6) Click the 'Upgrade' button.
7) After the file is uploaded, the router will display the file's checksum and a confirmation message. Only proceed if the checksum of the uploaded file matches the expected value as listed on the firmware download page of the ReadyNet web site. If the checksum values don't match, return to the upload page and start over. If the checksum repeatedly fails, you may need to download the file from the ReadyNet web site.
8) Wait for the router to apply the firmware update. This will take several minutes, during which time the NET light may blink rapidly. Do not disconnect the router's power until the device reboots.
9) Once the firmware file has uploaded, the router will reboot and be running the new firmware.

Don't remove power to the router  while it is being flashed with new firmware and if using your laptop, make sure the battery does not run out.

Important note when upgrading from 1.1.x to 1.2.x: When upgrading from the version 1.1 firmware branch to the 1.2 branch, we recommend that you *not* preserve the settings on your device during the upgrade. Preserving settings is the default when upgrading through the web UI (not through the API), so it's necessary to uncheck the 'Keep Settings' checkbox. If you have already preserved settings across the upgrade, performing a factory reset of the device afterward will have the same effect as not preserving settings during an upgrade.