Powerline technology enables a user to extend the reach of a network within a home by utilizing the existing wiring in a home, eliminating the need for wires and reaching where a wireless solution may not be able to reach.

Powerline adapters are quick and easy to install and use. Simply plug them in and connect your devices. At least two are required, one to inject the signal into the grid, and one to take the signal from the grid to the computer, HDTV, or other device you want to connect. Filters and algorithms build into the adapters keep the signal intact among all the noise created by other electrical appliances. Up to 10 additional adapters can be used to connect additional devices. Powerline adapters can reach up to 600 feet, allowing flexibility to locate devices where wireless may not reach.





ReadyNet makes available to its customers wireless (LTE and Wi-FI) and powerline technologies for circumstances where one technology will work better than others. As an example, if a structure is concrete or cinder block or of similar content, wireless signals may not carry well, whereas powerline will use wires/cables to carry the signal through wireless barriers. Conversely, if availability of electrical outlets are restricted, wireless could be the best solution.

802.11 b/g/n/ac and 3G/4G/LTE technologies provide high speed wireless signals that allow multiple data and or video streams up to 200 ft (depending on construction of building, etc). Units can be single band, or dual band (operates at both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequencies). Wireless technologies allow for flexibility of where devices are located, for mobility, and for clear, reliable signal transmissions