Create a fast, reliable network connection that also powers your Ethernet device.

With the Readynet E200POE, you can instantly turn any IEEE802.3af PoE-enabled device, such as a wireless hotspot, VoIP phone, or IP camera, into a HomePlug Powerline network device. Once the E200POE is on the Powerline network, you no longer have to pull Ethernet cables from one device to another. Network content is transferred over electrical power lines.
The E200POE operates on the HomePlug AV standard, providing up to 200Mbps bandwidth over AC wiring. With its built-in power supply the E200POE provides electrical power to your IEEE802.3af PoE-enabled Ethernet device using an Ethernet cable. This feature eliminates the need for an extra power supply, and is safe for use as a network adapter with non-PoE-enabled devices.

Like each of our HomePlug AV products, the E200POE is equipped with 128-bit AES security encryption. Combining a private power grid with 128-bit AES security encryption makes
an extremely secure network.



HomePlug AV Standard

Easy to Install – Just Plug and Play

Internet at any Electrical Outlet and with PoE Capability

Ideal for Security Cameras and VoIP Telephones


• 48V DC power to IEEE802.3af PoE powered device
• Use with IEEE802.3af PoE enabled IP cameras, VoIP telephones, wireless access points, remote point of sale kiosks, and security, control and monitoring devices
• Compatible with IEEE802.3af
• 7 watts (Class II) per port feeding power
1 Year Limited Product Warranty
Network Interface
One RJ-45 port with:
10/100 Base-T Ethernet
48V DC power to PoE
200Mbps HomePlug AV (compatible with HomePlug 1.0 – 14/85Mbps)
Status Lights Power: on / off
PoE link: solid / blinking / off
PLC link: red / orange / green / off
Ethernet link: solid / blinking / off