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RNControl Homepage

What Is RNControl?

RNControl is a cloud-based application that allows secure, end-to-end network management, device onboarding, Wi-Fi management, network management, diagnostic tests and many more features.

RNControl simplifies router management for your technicians and call center operators, giving you complete network visibility and control, saving you time and money.

Why Have A Remotely Managed Router?

  • 80% less time for router installation.
  • 30% fewer calls from customers.
  • 40% less time troubleshooting over the phone.
  • 40% fewer truck-rolls.
  • Support a large number of Wi-Fi routers
  • Identify causes of bandwidth overages
  • Make installation more efficient
  • Help customers with forgotten Wi-Fi passphrases
  • Eliminate truck-rolls
  • Offer a managed router for the homeowner’s gateway and increase recurring revenue
RNControl QIG
Quick Instruction Guide to Integrating Powercode with RNControl