ReadyNet ATA+Wi-Fi Routers and the VRT series of ATA routers are simple and versatile VoIP telephone adapters that are simple to set up and use, creating a feature-rich phone. Use the adapter or router with a phone or FAX machine. Hear the clear call quality and enjoy calling features such as call waiting, 3-way conference, music on hold, speed dial, blacklist, call forwarding and Caller ID. Perfect for home, work from home, or small office. To get started all you need is high-speed internet and a traditional telephone or FAX machine.

T.38/T.30 FAX Capability

Excellent Voice Quality

SIP Proxy Server Support

Concurrent VoIP Calls

AC1300MS – 1 FXS port
AC1000MS – 2 FXS ports
LTE520 – 2 FXS ports
QX300 – 1 FXS port
G.711 (A-Law, u-Law) with PES2 above 4.1
G.729 with PESQ above 3.7
Adaptive jitter buffer management
Voice activity detection
Comfort noise generation
Echo cancellation
T.30 FAX with G.711
Realtime FAX over IP via T.38
Message waiting indicator (RFC3842)
3-way conference
Call hold
Call forwarding
Call transfer
Call waiting
Caller ID and CWCID
DTMF relay: inband, outband and SIP Info
QoS Layer 3
Call log
Dial plan
DTMF mode: inband, outband and SIP Info
Remote Provisioning and Firmware Upgrade
Auto provisioning with TFTP, HTTP/HTTPS
TR-069, TR-104, TR-157, TR-143
Multi-level Web management interface
IVR-driven management interface
Local and remote Syslog (RFC3164)
SNTP time synchronization
ACL (access control list)
1 Year Limited Product Warranty