Applications and Solutions

During a normal installation of internet or video services, the provider (ISP) will create an access point where the wire or cable comes into the home, and connects with a router. If the home is not already wired with ethernet or coaxial cable, more work needs to be done to allow the broadband signal to reach the desired location in the home. There are generally three options:

  • Install more cables in the home (either ethernet or coax)
  • Use a wireless (WiFi) solution
  • Use a Powerline solution


Installation of additional cables is the most reliable from a signal standpoint, but the time and cost of the installation, as well as needing to cut into walls is a drawback. In addition, there is no flexibility on location once the cable terminations are placed.

Wireless is a very popular option, as it broadcasts the broadband signal throughout a house providing for great flexibility, but there are two distinct drawbacks; the reliability of the signal, which affects video more than data connections; and the construction or size of the building may inhibit the signal (concrete, stone and brick significantly block wireless signals).

Powerline adapters transmit the broadband signal over existing electrical wiring, making every wall outlet an extension of the network. The only drawback on Powerline is that noise from other appliances tends to diminish the strength of the broadband signal, although new filtering technologies have greatly increased the reliability of the signal.

ReadyNet recommends a combination of Powerline and Wireless to create in internal flexible network. Wireless will meet many needs, but the addition of Powerline to the solution gives additional distance (up to 600 feet), reliability, and flexibility, so that optimal data, video and gaming experience is enjoyed by all.

ReadyNet’s partners, resellers, and affiliates can assist in designing a solutions package that will fit your every need. Plug and play and enjoy the flexibility of broadband access everywhere in your home.