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Helpful Information

Power Strip, Surge Suppressor, GFI Outlet

The number one reason users have trouble with Power Line Carrier product connections is they plug one or more of the units into a power strip, surge suppressor, or GFI electrical outlet.

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Multiple Circuit Panels

Power Line Carrier (PLC) products will work reliably if connected in electrical outlets wired to the same circuit panel. If you have multiple circuit panels, units are not likely to communicate if they are plugged into electrical outlets wired to different circuit panels.

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How Many Units Can Be Connected

You can connect up to 8 Easy Jack extensions to one base unit. Only use one Easy Jack base unit per home and the Easy Jack system will only work with one telephone line. Easy Jack base units in the same home will compete with each other, sometimes canceling each other out.

You can connect up to 64 E200 units, though for best performance we recommend you limit the number of units in the network to less than 20.

You can connect up to 8 EN200s or EN500s in a network.

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Range of Power Line Products

Power Line Carrier (PLC) products transmit over the electrical wiring so distance is dependent on the electrical wiring and what electrical equipment is operating in the location. They will generally transmit up to 300 feet. Moving the units to different electrical outlets may improve performance.

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Units Don’t Communicate

Power strips, surge suppressors and GFI outlets will suppress the communication signal and performance will be inconsistent. Move the units to nearby electrical outlets that are not GFI.

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110v and 220v

The Easy Jack works only with 110v. It does not have a switching power supply. The E200, EN200, EN500, and E4PS200 have switching power supplies.

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Add another E200 Adapter to Your Network

To add a new adapter (E200C) to a network of two adapters (E200A and E200B), do the following:

  1. Press and hold the Security button on E200C for 10 seconds. Release it when the Power light flashes. The password to E200C has just been erased. It must now be linked to your network to adopt the new network security key.
  2. Press and hold the security button on E200A for 2 seconds. The Power light on E200A starts to flash.
  3. Within 120 seconds after the Power light on E200A starts to flash, press and hold the security button on E200C for 2 seconds then release.
  4. E200A, E200B, and E200C are now networked to each other.

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